Upcoming Dates…

  • October 22-
Rehearsal 6-9, percussion 5-9
  • October 24-
Music in Motion
    • Rehearsal 10am-2:30pm
    • Break 2:30-4:00pm
    • Report to band room 7pm
    • Dressed by 7:15pm
    • Warmups 7:30pm
    • Perform 9:45pm
    • Awards 10:05pm
  • October 25- Jackson Mem Competition
    • Rehearsal 10:30-11:30am
    • Break 11:30-12:30
    • Depart 12:45pm
    • Perform 3:50pm
    • Awards 5pm
  • October 27-
Rehearsal 6-9
  • October 29-
Rehearsal 6-9, percussion 5-9

Music in Motion…
Music in Motion is THIS weekend!! We will rehearse from 10-2:30pm that day. Afterwards, students will be given a break to eat lunch and relax. At this time, students MAY leave campus, but must return by 4pm. Students will have until 7pm to eat dinner in the stadium and watch other bands perform. All students are to report back to the band room at 7pm to begin to prep for warm up (see schedule to left). Student leaders and upper class men who will be hosting will follow this schedule as closely as possible, making changes only for their hosting obligations.

If your parent or guardian hasn’t signed up to help our home show run smoothly, please have them reach out to Karen Tortorelli at [email protected] We need all hands on deck to make this a successful event!

Jackson Memorial…
This Sunday is the rescheduled Jackson Memorial competition. Our schedule for that morning is very tight – please arrive on time!! We will hold a brief rehearsal, and then will have limited time to load equipment, eat a quick lunch, change and then leave! We will not have time after our performance to change, so you will not need jeans!

Band class grades…
Performances and rehearsals are all graded activities. If you are late to any of these events, your grades are going to reflect that! Please remember to arrive with enough time to start rehearsal at the times listed on your weekly Director’s Chair.