Upcoming Dates…

September 8
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 9-
FB Game @ Central Regional HS
-Report: 4:30
-Depart: 5:15
-Pregame performance: 6:30
-Game start: 7pm
September 13
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 15
-Rehearsal 6-9pm

First football game….

Times are listed above. Attire for this performance is band shirts, jeans, and band shoes. For this and all football games, students will be given time during 3rd quarter of the game to eat dinner. Students may bring food or snacks, or purchase food from the concession stand. Anything that is eaten during 3rd quarter break CAN NOT be anything that will stain our uniforms – no colored soda, food with messy condiments, candy that can melt, or ANYTHING similar.
Additionally, this is the first time that we will be traveling as a band this season. As a member of the Raider Band, you will be expected to exhibit nothing but the BEST behavior. You will not only follow the regulations for conduct listed in your handbook, however you will also not be permitted to run, spit, chew gum, or conduct yourself in any other way that could be deemed not respectable. You are visibly representing not only our band, but also our school!

Uniform fitting…
Any competitive band students who have not yet been fitted for a uniform are to be at the school this Thursday the 8th to be fitted for their uniform.

Grading policies…
Please remember, all rehearsals and performances are graded assessments as per our curriculum. To be excused from any event without your grade being affected, you MUST provide TWO WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE from a parent/guardian. Refer to your handbook for what qualifies as an excused absences.

Every band student will have a lesson that will occur during half of their lunch once a week. These are graded and will begin next week. Please check the office door for you assigned lesson time.

Schedule changes…
There are several changes that will be made to our fall schedule. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. They are as follows:
-CB: Addition of All Shore Festival on 10/18
-CB: States is now 10/23 at Rowan University
-CB: Nationals are now 11/5 at J. Birney
-AB: Intermediate Band night is now 10/21