September 15
-Rehearsal 6-9pm

September 16
FB Game vs TRHS South.
Report: 5,
South’s performance: 6:30,
Game start: 7pm

September 17 Competition @ Brick Memorial.
Rehearsal: 10am-2pm,
Lunch: 2-3pm,
Dress/Load: 3pm,
Depart: 4pm,
Perform: 7:20pm,
Awards: 10:15pm

September 20
Rehearsal 6-9pm

First home game….

Times are listed to the left. Attire for this performance is band shirts, jeans, and band shoes. For this and all football games, students will be given time during 3rd quarter of the game to eat dinner.

First competition…

As per our calendar, we will be rehearsing prior to each of our competitions. This weekend’s rehearsal schedule is to the left. Students should bring everything they will need with them to the school when they arrive for rehearsal as they will not be permitted to leave until we are finished for the night. After we perform, students will be given time to change into JEANS AND THEIR SHOW SHIRTS, and afterwards they will be given time for dinner (bring with, purchased from concession stands) prior to awards. We will be wearing uniforms for this performance. Attire under uniforms is show shirts, athletic shorts, and long white socks. No jewelry is to be worn, and no make up/nail polish either. Hair must be tied back to completely fit under your band helmet. When traveling, students must always bring their rain coat to sit on during bus rides. (Raincoats and helmets will be distributed this week).

Remind… All students should be signed up for the band remind, ESPECIALLY now that we are traveling off campus. Important information will be given out via this service, so please make sure you are signed up!
Text “@HSEBand” to 81010 to join.

Schedule changes… There are several changes that will be made to our fall schedule. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. They are as follows:

Addition of All Shore Festival on 10/18

Addition of rehearsal to Wed, 10/19 from 6-9pm

States is now 10/23 at Rowan University

Nationals are now 11/5 at J. Birney

The football game on 9/23 is CANCELLED

Intermediate Band night is BACK TO 10/14