Upcoming Events…

October 13
-Rehearsal 6-9pm

October 14-Home FB Game vs Brick, Intermediate Band Night, Leaders report: 3:45pm, All others report: 4:30pm, HS dressed by: 5:45pm, Brick pregame: 6:30pm, Game start: 7pm

October 15-Yamaha Cup, MetLife Stadium, Report to load equip: 4:30am, Depart: 5:30am, Perform: 9:32am, Awards: 2pm

October 18-All Shore Festival, Report to load equip: 3pm, Depart: 3:45pm, Perform: 5:30pm, Awards: 7:45pm

October 19-Rehearsal 6-9pm

Football game….
Report times are to the left. Attire for this game will be uniforms, NO HELMETS, and PINK BANDANAS. As usual, bring dinner or money for food from the concession stands during third quarter break. This will also be intermediate band night AND the night that we take our band photo, please be sure to arrive on time as there will be a lot going on!

We will be wearing pink bandanas for the remaining football games in October. Please bring in $1 to give to Miss Sanford so you can purchase your bandana. Be sure not to lose your bandana, as it is now part of your uniform and there will not be extras available to purchase!!

Yamaha Cup…
Times for this day are on the left. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME OR YOUR GRADE WILL BE AFFECTED. Yes, it is early however we NEED EVERYONE THERE on time Saturday morning!!

All Shore Festival…
Times are to the left. Any food that was ordered will be delivered after we perform; if you did not purchase food, please bring in “uniform safe” food to eat at this time.

Eating in Uniform…
Please remember that you are only allowed to eat things that WILL NOT STAIN our white uniforms! This means NO colored soda, gatorade, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, messy food, messy condiments, or anything else that could possibly stain your uniform!!

Senior Night…
Senior recognition will take place next Friday, 10/21. Times will be given out next week, however senior families should plan accordingly!

Schedule changes…
There are several changes that will be made to our fall schedule. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. They are as follows:
-CB: Addition of Breakfast of Champions, 10/22 from 8-1pm
-CB: States is now 10/23 at Rowan University
-CB: Nationals are now 11/5 at J. Birney
-AB: Veteran’s Day Parade is now 11/14, during the school day