Upcoming Dates…

October 20
-Rehearsal 6-9pm

October 21
Home FB Game vs Jackson Mem, Senior Recognition
-Report: 4:45pm
-Senior escort report: 5:40pm
-Senior rec Start: 6pm
-Game start: 7pm

October 22
Breakfast of Champs Rehearsal
-Breakfast: 8am
-Rehearsal: 9-1pm

October 23
NJ State Championships, Rowan University
-Rehearsal: 12-2pm
-Load equip: 2pm
-Depart: 3pm
-Perform: 8:09pm
-Awards: 9:45pm

October 25
Rehearsal 6-9pm

October 26
Parade practice, 1:45-3pm

Football game & senior recognition….
Report times are to the left for both students and senior escorts. Senior escorts are to report to the loading dock to meet and assemble in alphabetical order. Please do not be late!! Students must give their escort names to Miss Sanford NO LATER THAN 1ST PERIOD ON FRIDAY.

Attire for this game will be uniforms, NO HELMETS. Pit should start moving their equipment upon their arrival at 4:45pm. As usual, bring dinner or money for food from the concession stands during third quarter break. See below regarding eating in uniform.

Breakfast of champions & rehearsal…
Times are to the left. Feel free to wear pajamas to this rehearsal!

NJ State Championships…
Times are to the left. Please arrive on time as we have a shorter rehearsal time than usual for a show day. You will be given time after rehearsal to eat a snack, change, and load equipment. If you’d like, you can bring a lunch for the bus ride. As usual, please bring a change of clothes (jeans and show shirt) and money for dinner/food to eat after our performance.

Eating in uniform…
Please remember that you are only allowed to eat things that WILL NOT STAIN our white uniforms! This means NO colored soda, gatorade, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, messy food, messy condiments, or anything else that could possibly stain your uniform!! IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES, THERE WILL BE NO MORE THIRD QUARTER BREAKS.

Schedule changes…
There are several changes that will be made to our fall schedule. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. They are as follows:
-CB: Nationals are now 11/5 at J. Birney
-AB: Veteran’s Day Parade is now 11/14, during the school day