Upcoming events…

November 3
-Rehearsal 2:30-5:30

November 4 
Away FB vs Brick Twp
-Report: 4:30pm
-Pregame Show: 6:30pm
-Game Start: 7pm

November 5
Nationals at JBirney Crum
-Rehearsal: 7:30-8:30am
-Load equip: 8:30am
-Depart: 9:30am
-Perform: 3:22pm
-Awards: 7:15pm

November 14
Veteran’s Day Parade
-Report to band room at start of period 2

Thursday’s rehearsal…
Please note the time change to the left!

Football game….
There will be NO THIRD QUARTER BREAK for this game. Please eat before arriving, or bring something to munch on between songs.

Times are to the left. Please arrive on time! As usual, please bring jeans and your show shirt (and a sweatshirt/coat/layers – it might be chilly!) to change into after our performance.

Veteran’s Day Parade…
Times are to the left. You should leave your belongings in your locker as classes will continue in the band room as it is a school day. We will be wearing full uniform EXCEPT helmets. Please bring your parkas to sit on during the bus ride!

Schedule changes…
There are several changes that will be made to our fall schedule. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. They are as follows:
-CB: Nationals are now 11/5 at J. Birney
-AB: Veteran’s Day Parade is now 11/14, during the school day