Upcoming Dates:


Sept 6th: Comp Rehearsal 6-9pm


Sept 7th: Visit the School Night


Sept 8th: FB vs Central

Report time: 5:45pm

Pre-game show: 6:30pm

Game start: 7pm

Sept 12th: Comp Rehearsal 6-9pm

Football Game: Schedule is to the left.  Students should have their music binder with their pep band music at this and every game!

  • Attire: Band shirt, jeans, white band shoes.  Freshmen pep band students may wear white sneakers instead of white band shoes.
  • Food: Students will be given a break during 3rd quarter to get food/drink.  


Schedule Changes: Please mark your calendars accordingly!

  • Comp practice Thurs 9/7 has been moved to Wed 9/6
  • Intermediate band night will now take place 10/6


Band Remind: Please be sure you are signed up for the band remind – it’s a free messaging service that all students MUST sign up for.  This allows you to receive important messages and stay informed as we travel! Text @hseband to 81010.


Excuse Absences: Please remember to give two weeks WRITTEN notice when asking to be excused from a rehearsal/performance.  Refer to your handbook for approved reasons to miss.  Any unapproved absences will affect your grade!

Band Lessons: Lessons for all students in the band class will begin next week.  Please check the area near the office door for your scheduled lesson!

Other important information to remember:

-Music in Motion ad book forms are due by 9/8.

-Band wear orders are due by 9/8 – visit www.marchingraiders.org to place an order!

-Mums orders are due by 9/12.

-Our Four Seasons Diner fundraiser is 9/21, from 7am through 10pm.

-Music in Motion (our home show) is scheduled for 9/30 – we will need all hands on deck!