Upcoming Dates

August 22
-Car wash 8am-12pm

August 24
-Rehearsal 8-3pm

August 25
-Rehearsal 8-3pm

September 2
-First day of school

September 3- Rehearsal 6-9pm


We have two remaining rehearsals before school begins – 8/24 and 8/25 from 8am-3pm. As stated in your handbook, you MUST notify the directors two weeks in advance if you are unable to attend any rehearsal. Remember, we will work with you for other extra curricular activities, but WORK IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO MISS PRACTICE!!!

Car wash…
This Saturday the 22nd will be our final summer car wash. Brass and woodwinds are scheduled from 8-10am, and guard and percussion from 10-12pm. As with last month’s car wash, we really need everyone who is in town to attend to help us earn money for the band! Bring water and sunscreen with you!

Uniforms accessories…

All order forms for band and guard accessories were distributed on Friday of band camp. If you’ve not yet handed these back, you must do so by Monday 8/24 as items will be ordered that day! All band students NEED shoes (vets can use last year’s if they fit and are clean), gloves (wind players only), and lyres (vets can use last year’s). All guard students NEED shoes (different from last year’s!), gloves (vets can use last year’s if they fit and are clean), and an undertard (new price of $25).


If you are interested in ordering Marching Raider apparel, please visit www.marchingraiders.org for a copy of our bandwear order form. The only item of clothing you NEED on this order form is your band polo, everything else you can purchase to show your Raider band pride! Orders are due by September 15th!