Upcoming Schedule

September 10
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 11
-Football game @ Southern Regional HS
-report 4:00pm, percussion-3:45pm
,pregame show-6:30pm*, game start-7pm* (*this is a change from Tuesday’s d.c.)
September 15
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 17
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 18
-Home football game vs HSS
September 19
-First competition-Brick Memorial

Uniform accessories…
Shoes and gloves will be distributed at the close of practice tonight! Wind and percussion students will also receive their hat boxes and parkas at this time.
Visit the School Night…
This will be WEDNESDAY, not Thursday as originally on our band schedule. As such, we will rehearse Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Student leaders will still be needed to represent the band at Visit the School Night, report time is 6:45pm.
Band lessons…
Every student in the band class is required to take a lesson once weekly during their lunch period. This will be half of the period so that students can still eat lunch. Lessons will be posted on the band office door, keep your eyes peeled!
Uniform guidelines…
All visible piercings need to be removed, have a clear stud, or are to be covered with a Band-Aid
No colored nail polish
Hair must be your natural color during the fall season
All uniform pieces must be kept clean, neat, and wrinkle free
No one is to remove any uniform part (helmets or jacket taken off) without permission of the directors!
You are NOT to eat any food that may stain your uniform!
Rain coats are to be with you wherever we go to protect your uniform! If you are not wearing it, you will be sitting on it.
As a member of the Raider Band, you will be expected to exhibit nothing but the BEST behavior while in uniform. You will not be permitted to run, spit, chew gum, or conduct yourself in any other way that could be deemed not respectable. You are visibly representing not only our band, but also our school!