Upcoming Dates…

September 17
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 18
-Football game vs HSS
. report 5pm
, pregame show 6:30pm
, game start 7pm
September 19
-Competition @ Brick Memorial. Rehearse 10am-2pm
, lunch 2-3pm
, depart 3:30pm
, perform 7:05pm
, awards 9pm
 (students will have the opportunity to eat dinner after we perform and before awards)
September 22
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 24
-Rehearsal 6-9pm
September 26
-Rehearsal, times TBD

Competition days…
For competition days, plan to be at the school from the start of rehearsal that morning until we return to the school after the show that night. This means you will need to bring everything you will need for the day to the school with you in the morning! This includes: rehearsal accessories, uniform accessories, lunch, and dinner/money for dinner for after we perform. Additionally, you should always bring a pair of jeans (NOT SWEATPANTS) to change into should you be given the opportunity to get out of uniform. Please see the “Upcoming Dates” section for a more specific breakdown of the day’s schedule, including when rehearsal starts, when we will break for lunch, etc.

Marching the halls…
We will be marching the halls this Friday during period 8. Please wear your band shirt to school this day!

Mum pick up…
Mum orders will be able to be picked up next Thursday, September 24th times TBA. Parents/guardians of students who sold mums – please keep your eyes out for more information as all of the mums sold by your child must be picked up at this time!

Saturday, September 26th…
As per the schedule handed out back in May, we will have rehearsal this day. Times are TBD, however plan to keep the entire day cleared as we also have a football game and a fundraiser performance.