Upcoming Dates…

October 1
: Rehearsal 6-9pm
October 2
: Home game vs Brick Mem & Intermediate band night
. Student leader report 3:30pm. Everyone else report 4pm
. Brick Mem pregame show at 6:30pm
. Game start 7pm.
October 3
: Competition at Jackson Memorial HS. Rehearsal 12-4pm
. Dinner 4-5pm
. Depart 5:15pm
. Perform 8:45pm
. Awards 10:20pm.
October 6
: Rehearsal 6-9, percussion 5-9.
October 8
: Rehearsal 6-9

Intermediate Band Night…
This Friday’s game will be Intermediate Band Night. Student leaders must report at 3:30pm to begin working with the Intermediate East students, everyone else will report at 4pm. Please be prepared to perform in jeans, band shirts, and your rain coat as the forecast is calling for rain. The decision will be made regarding our performance attire later in the week.
Jackson Memorial Competition…
We will be rehearsing from 12-4pm. Anyone who is taking the SAT’s must bring a copy of their ticket, and should come to rehearsal directly after their testing. We will take a dinner break at 4pm, and will depart HSE at 5:15pm. Students should bring jeans, their band shirt, and snacks or money for snacks for after our performance.
Music in Motion Shirts…
This year, we will be selling Music in Motion competition t-shirts. Visit www.marchingraiders.org to purchase yours today! East families can use the code sent out via email to save money on your order!
Raider Brigade Parent Meeting…
The next parent meeting will be held next Tuesday, 10/6. Parents should make every attempt to attend this meeting as important information will discussed regarding Music in Motion and the Disney trip.
Disney Trip…
Updated deposit paperwork was distributed at the close of practice 9/29. PLEASE use this form instead. All deposits are due on Wednesday, 10/7. We will NOT be accepting late payments, so please be sure to plan accordingly!!
Senior Night…
Mark your calendars, senior night is scheduled for our 11/7 football game!