Student Account (Restricted)

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Scrip is a fundraiser where families can easily earn for their student’s account while they shop. Simply use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases, and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost.

What is Scrip?

For more info, please contact:

Nancy Knecht @ (732) 674-2187
[email protected]

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Shoprite Vouchers are available in denominations of:
$25, $50, $100  you can earn 5% to go to the students band account. 
If you would like to pick up vouchers at a Band Parents meeting it would be appreciated
If you could call or e-mail a couple of days in advance so they can be ready for you.
For more information, please contact:
Theresa Masterson: [email protected]

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WAWA COUPONS:                            
Wawa Coupons are available by contacting:
Tammy Reid: cell 732-674-6175 or email [email protected]


Our final BandWear order is now closed! Thank you all for your orders!
We love seeing all the Marching Raider Merch at games and competitions! Dismiss