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$25,000 Goal
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Toms River East Marching Raiders
2018 Instrument Fundraiser

The Toms River East Raider Music Program has been a cornerstone of our community for nearly 40 years. Covering all manner of musical activities including a Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and of course our MARCHING RAIDERS competitive Marching Band!

In the past, we have held our March for Music event in order to hit two main goals:

  1. To reach out to our up and coming fellow musicians in Junior High School and Grade School in an effort to ensure that they stick with their instrument and give them an experience that will motivate them to strive to be a Marching Raider
  2. To raise funds to help support the Raider Music Program

This year is especially critical to the future of our program!

"What funding needs they do not cover falls to our students and the Brigade to fundraise"

Our school district does a lot to support not only our program but the other 2 programs in Toms River as well at North and South. However, the sad truth is that funding is very limited and goes towards things like bussing the students to our various events and competitions, stipends to our esteemed Music Program Staff for all their hard work after hours, and some small incidentals.  What funding needs they do not cover falls to our students and the Brigade to fundraise.

The most critical aspect of the program that does not receive district funding is for instruments. In fact, we have not had a major instrument budget in over 30 years, with many of our instruments at an age older than many teachers in the building. This adds up to a lack of playable instruments as they all start to wear and break beyond repair. 

So this year, we are setting our sites even higher than we have in the past and we are asking all of our relatives near and far, friends, coworkers, neighbors and even people we randomly meet on the street to help us in an effort to revitalize this much needed program with instruments and equipment that replace the aged and broken gear we have now.

This program has helped thousands of kids over the years to appreciate music, to become great at their art, to go on to colleges all over the country and be great students. But additionally, we bring joy to kids and adults as we march the parade routes, we lead the school in spirit from the football stands every Friday night and we challenge ourselves to be better every time we take the field in competition. 

Below you will find the list of instruments and equipment that we hope to be able to replace through this campaign! Any donation you can make, no matter how small will go a long way to help us reach our goal!

Thank You!
The Toms River East Marching Raiders

Equipment In Dire Need Of Replacement

Bari Saxophone


Bass Drums

Percussion Wraps

Marimba Bars

Marimba Stand

Vibraphone Bars

Vibraphone Stand

Bells Stand


Mixer Box


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